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 AVG Internet Security 9.0.800.2779

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PostSubject: AVG Internet Security 9.0.800.2779   Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:03 am

AVG Internet Security 9.0.800.2779

AVG Internet Security - comprehensive protection from all types of malicious

programs. In addition to anti-virus includes protection from spam, phishing, data leakage,

firewall. In the ninth version of a 50% increase in scanning speed, at 10-15% load faster,

as well as reduced memory usage.
The software can be updated automatically via the Internet and run on a schedule, modify

the list of all running processes (similar to Task Manager), displaying a list of visible

and invisible plug-ins for Internet Explorer, disable autorun CD and DVD, disable ActiveX,

disable the automatic request licenses for protected content, always show this file


Components AVG Internet Security:
? Antivirus (Kaspersky)
Antivirus performs detection of viruses, worms and Trojans, as well as executable files

and libraries in DLL, which can be potentially unwanted in the system.
? Anti-Spyware (antispyware)
Anti-Spyware protects your computer from all types of malicious software, such as from

spyware and adware.
? Anti-Rootkit (Antirukit)
Anti-Rootkit scans for dangerous rootkits hidden in applications, disks, or the DLL.
? Firewall (firewall)
Firewall defines rules to protect your computer from external attacks, mainly from the

Internet, and managed (allow / restrict) connections on each network port. If the Firewall

detects an attempt to break the component immediately blocks it and does not allow an

attacker to gain access to a computer.
? Anti-Spam (Spam)
Anti-Spam checks all incoming email. mail and notes unwanted messages as spam. The

component uses several methods of analysis, ensuring the highest possible level of

? LinkScanner (scanner links)
LinkScanner includes the Active Surf-Shield and Search-Shield. Active Surf-Shield prevents

accidental contamination from unwanted automatic downloads and other exploits, but also

checks the security of visited web pages. Search-Shield works with search services,

Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to provide opinions on the safety of all search results in

real time.
? E-mail Scanner (Scanner e-mail)
E-mail Scanner checks incoming and outgoing e-mail. mail using plug-ins designed for the

most common email clients. When a virus is detected moving in the repository of viruses.
? Identity Protection
Identity Protection provides continuous protection of digital data from new and unknown

threats. Identity Protection adds based on signatures, protection of AVG Internet Security

by tracking the behavior of programs on your computer and automatic locking action, which

could lead to ID theft, and does not require renewal.
? Web Shield
Web Shield protects your computer from accidentally downloaded an infected file, or

infected files, obtained by instant messaging.
? Resident Shield
Resident Shield scans files when they are copied, opened or saved. With the threat

detection prevents its activation. Also component provides important protection for the

system areas of your computer.
? System Tools
System Tools advanced settings for advanced users - contain information about processes,

network connections, automatically starting applications, extensions, Internet Explorer

and suppliers of multi-level services on the computer.

Advantages of products AVG:
? The necessary level of protection.
? Our specialists are always busy looking for new threats, so we can quickly develop new

ways of protection.
? Products AVG protects more than 80 million PC users around the world.
? Easy to use security software.
? Products AVG easy when downloading, installation and use, have minimal impact on system

? Technology, award-winning.
? System security AVG certified by all major independent certification companies, such as

the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark (Lab West Coast Labs).

Operating system: Windows 2000-SP4/XP-SP2/2003-SP1/Vista/Seven (32/64bit)
Language: Multilanguage

Code: Select all er29kJP/AVG.IS.9.0.800.2779.rar

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AVG Internet Security 9.0.800.2779
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